Logo Gold
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$397 ONLY

  • 12 Custom Logo Design Concepts
  • 4 Dedicated Designers
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 48-72 Hrs Turnaround Time
  • Free Icon Design
  • All Formats (for print and digital use)
  • 100% Ownership Rights
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Logo Gold

Logomatics is known to provide need specific packages for all businesses. So for all small business owners and beginners, we have introduced Logo Classic, an extended version of Logo innovator, a package with additional advantages to suit small businesses.

  • With Consideration to the requirements of small business owners, Logo Classic is designed to provide affordable solution.
  • Price of the Package is $119 only. It includes 12 Custom Logo Design Concepts, Unlimited Revisions, Free Color Options and Grayscale Format. Ensuring the fulfillment of all logo designing needs within 3 working days at an affordable cost.
  • Logomatics is affiliated with International Copyrights Protection Bureau for Brands (ICPBB) and brings you an opportunity to get your Logo Design copyrighted with an additional payment of just $99.

Think you need more?

Try our Logo Platinum, all it takes is $175 and you could have the branding
benefits of a Small medium Enterprise.