Logo Executive
Corporate Level Organizations


$830 ONLY

  • Unlimited Custom Logo Design Concepts
  • 8 Dedicated Designers
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 48-72 Hrs Turnaround Time
  • 1 Corporate Brochure
  • Free Stationery Design
  • Free Icon Design
  • Free MS Letterhead
  • Free Social Media Designs (Cover+DP)
  • Free Email Signature Design
  • All Formats (for print and digital use)
  • 100% Ownership Rights
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Logo executive

All large businesses and corporations operating in the current era are up against tough competition from other corporations along with small and medium businesses thriving to gain greater market share. In this scenario, the businesses find themselves in a situation where they need to adapt to changing trends, preferences and promotional techniques.

  • To successfully overcome these challenges, Logomatics has come up with the right mix of branding solutions for large businesses with Logo Executive.
  • Logo Executive is priced at $249 and provides Unlimited Logo Design Concepts, Unlimited Revisions, Free Stationery Design, Corporate Brochure, Free Email Signature Design, Social Media Designs, Free Color Options, Free Grayscale Format and all file formats for print and digital use. Logomatics provides you with all of this in just 3 days and that too, at an affordable cost.
  • Logomatics is affiliated with International Copyrights Protection Bureau for Brands (ICPBB) and brings you an opportunity to get your Logo Design copyrighted with an additional payment of just $99.

Think you need more?

Try our Logo Corporate, all it takes is $449 and you could have the branding benefits of a corporate firm.